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Where is Ghost?

Did I miss something at the end of season 6 because I didn't see Ghost at all in season 7?
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First it came out that the actor that played ghost died, then it came out that it was a different wolf.
I don't believe the "no budget for him" thing, they could have cut 1 single scene explaining that ghost would stay at winterfell.
They could use any trained wolf and CG him to be white. Or just use a white malamute with trimmed down fur and never do a close up on his face.

It's stupid not to use him, daenerys would respect the bond jon has to ghost because of her own bond with her dragons and it would have helped in their first meeting, to convince her he was no enemy.
@Holly Rico Why did you report TKitN's comment? They didn't say anything rude or offensive.

To answer the question, since we saw a lot more of the dragons this season than we have in previous seasons, there probably wasn't enough of the CGI budget left to include Ghost, and it doesn't seem like he would have added anything of importance anyway.
Let me correct my comment,

The scene they filmed with Jon and Ghost was him telling Ghost to protect anyone with the last name Stark.

I also read that Sansa mentioned Ghost in a conversation with Arya but I cannot confirm this as I don't recall.
last time i saw ghost,was after Snow got stabbed at the watch.
They didn't have enough budget for ghost to play a part in s7 due to the dragons. Well ghost would have appeared in ep2 when jon was about to leave for dragonstone said the producers but they couldn't manage it because nymeria was also revealed. For the entirety of s7 ghost just remained at winterfell.
Budget?are you for real.GOT has made so much paper,you dont believe tht
I believe it because with the direwolves I'm pretty sure they have to hire the Wolf then use cgi on them to make them look like direwolves. We had a lot more dragon scenes this season not to mention the polar bear and a couple big battles. They may make a lot of money off the episode but they do have a certain amount of money that they allocate to spending on certain things.
^agree with you sir. Doing the cgi on the direwolves is expensive and tedious because they really want the audience to feel the realness of them cause we see wolves all the time on tv and we know how they move or act, etc. Unlike the dragons which never existed they can do whatever they want with regards on how they look, move etc.
There was a deleted scene where Jon is leaving winterfell and he saying goodbye to ghost.. He says to ghost protect anyone who's name is Stark.. Got cut from show cause budget was spend on dragons and walkers
^that too. Really missed ghost especially grey wind haha. Hope that they would reassert ghost in the lineup for the upcoming great war in s8.