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Alerie Tyrell, née Hightower, is an unseen character in Game of Thrones.



Alerie Tyrell is a daughter of House Hightower. She is the wife of Mace Tyrell, the Lord of Highgarden and the head of House Tyrell. They had two children, Loras and Margaery. She is the elder sister of Lynesse Hightower, the estranged wife of Ser Jorah Mormont.[1][2] Her entire family were murdered during the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor and her mother-in-law Olenna Tyrell has since adopted the title of House Tyrell's leader.

Family treeEdit

Luthor Tyrell
Family tree Olenna
Olenna Tyrell
née Redwyne House-Redwyne-Main-Shield
Mace tree
Mace Tyrell
Alerie Tyrell
née Hightower
Joffrey tree
Joffrey Baratheon House-Baratheon-of-King's Landing-Main-Shield
2nd husband
Margaery Tree
Margaery Tyrell
Renly Tree
Renly Baratheon House-Baratheon-of-Storm's-End-Main-Shield
1st husband
Loras Tree
Loras Tyrell
Tommen Baratheon family tree
Tommen Baratheon House-Baratheon-of-King's Landing-Main-Shield
3rd husband

In the booksEdit

In A Song of Ice and Fire, her family remains the same, except she and Mace have two other sons, named Willas and Garlan. She is described as tall and dignified and has long silver hair (presumably from age and not Valyrian heritage). She is younger than her husband. Alerie is actually present in King's Landing with most of the other Tyrells. She attended the Purple Wedding and comforted Margaery when her new husband was poisoned. She remained through Tywin's funeral before leaving King's Landing with Olenna and Garlan. At a function, she refers to Olenna as "mother", but Olenna snaps that she would have remembered giving birth to Alerie, and that she is "only to blame" for Alerie's husband.

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