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"Here’s the thing, fat boy. When I'm done talking, that arrow's falling down on your fat head. So I advise you move, because I'm done talking."
―Anguy to Hot Pie[src]

Anguy is a recurring character in the third season. He is played by Philip McGinley.[1] Anguy is a skilled archer hailing from the Stormlands and a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners.


​Season 3


Season Three appearances
Valar Dohaeris Dark Wings, Dark Words Walk of Punishment And Now His Watch is Ended Kissed by Fire
The Climb The Bear and the Maiden Fair Second Sons The Rains of Castamere Mhysa

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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Anguy is a superb archer from the Dornish Marches. He won the archery competition during the Tourney of the Hand. Anguy is part of the Iron Throne host assembled by Eddard Stark to execute Ser Gregor Clegane and becomes one of the founders of the Brotherhood Without Banners after the Battle at the Mummer's Ford.


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