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Barbrey Dustin
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Lady of Barrowton
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House Dustin - by marriage
House Ryswell - by birth
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"My mother served Lady Dustin for many years, my lord."
Arya Stark to Tywin Lannister[src]

Barbrey Dustin, née Ryswell, is an unseen character mentioned in the second season.



Barbrey Dustin is a member of House Ryswell by birth and House Dustin by marriage. She is the Lady of Barrowton.

Season 2

When Tywin Lannister calls out Arya Stark on her speech not being like that of a lowborn, she lies saying that her mother was a handmaid to Lady Dustin and taught her how to speak properly.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Barbrey Ryswell is the head of House Dustin and the widow of Lord Willam Dustin, who fought alongside Ned Stark during Robert's Rebellion. Lord Roose Bolton was married to her late eldest sister, Bethany. It isn't clear if William left an heir, because Lady Barbrey continues to rule House Dustin in his name. She usually leads House Dustin to act in concert with House Ryswell, which is still ruled by her own father Rodrik Ryswell.

Lady Dustin holds a grudge against Eddard Stark, even after his demise, for not bringing her husband's bones north with him so she could bury him at his ancestral home. While she respects and supports Roose Bolton, she makes no secret of the fact she despises his bastard son Ramsay, mainly because she believes Ramsay had a hand in the death of her nephew, Roose's son Domeric by her sister, of whom she was said to be quite fond.

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