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Basilisk's blood

Basilisk's blood.

"Basilisk blood. It will give cooked meat a savory smell. But, if eaten, it produces violent madness... in beasts as well as men. A mouse will attack a lion after a taste of basilisk blood. But to a man who knows his heart, is not passion a form of madness?"
Oberyn Martell[src]

Basilisk's blood is a poison. It gives cooked meat a savory smell, and induces a savage insanity in humans and animals.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the poison is a paste spiced with Basilisk blood to produce Basilisk venom, which gives meat a savory scent but which causes a violent madness in any creature with warm blood, whether man or beast.

The Waif tells Arya Stark that a mouse will attack a lion after a taste of basilisk blood.


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