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"We have to reward the hounds, love. They did all the hard work."
Ramsay Snow to Myranda[src]

The Bastard's girls are a pack of vicious dogs bred by Ramsay Snow.


Season 4Edit

Ramsay's girl1

One of the Bastard's girls.

Ramsay and Myranda hunt down Tansy with the hounds. After Myranda injures Tansy with an arrow to the leg, Ramsay has the dogs kill Tansy.[1]

When Yara Greyjoy attempts to rescue Theon from the Dreadfort she finds him at the castle's kennels. After most of Yara's comrades are killed and Theon bites her to return to his imprisonment, Ramsay releases the hounds, which had grown restless because of the fighting.[2]

Season 5Edit

Myranda directs Sansa Stark to the kennels where she finds Theon, passing the hounds in the process.[3]

Season 6Edit

Two of the hounds are sent with Bolton men to find and retrieve Sansa and Theon after they escape Winterfell. Though Sansa and Theon cross the river to throw off their scent to stop the hounds tracking them, they are found anyway, though Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne intervene and rescue Sansa and Theon. In Winterfell, after finding Myranda's corpse, Ramsay has Maester Wolkan feed it to the hounds.[4]

Immediately after murdering his father Roose Bolton, Ramsay lures his stepmother and newborn brother to the kennels, where he has them torn apart by his loyal hounds, leaving him the sole surviving member of House Bolton.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Iwan Rheon first confirmed their appearance in the TV series when he tweeted a set photo of them in their kennel.

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the "Bastard's girls" are how Theon Greyjoy refers to Ramsay Snow's pack of hunting dogs.

Ramsay uses the hounds to partake in his sick practice of releasing women naked into the Bolton Forests where he hunts them for sport after giving them a day's head start. The pack is made up of all vicious, mean tempered bitches. The dogs are looked after by the kennelmaster Ben Bones of the Dreadfort who under Ramsay's instructions also trained them to kill wolves.

Those women he hunts that give him good sport are given a quick death (after being raped) and in "honor" of the hunt, Ramsay names a new bitch pup after the woman. Those women that do not give him good sport are still raped, but are not given a quick death: Ramsay subsequently flays them alive, and they do not get a dog named after them. His current pack consists of...

  • Grey Jeyne
  • Helicent
  • Jez
  • Alison
  • Kyra
  • Maude
  • Red Jeyne
  • Sara
  • Willow

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