"But no maester can tell why. Even in our oldest records, the island on which it stands is called Battle Isle. What battle was fought there? And when? "
Battle Isle is an island on the Honeywine, in the second largest city of Westeros, Oldtown. The isle occupies The Hightower, the seat of House Hightower.


It is unknown why the island is so named, however, at some point, The Hightower was build atop it. Even the Maesters of The Citadel do not have any records of a battle on this isle.

In the books

Battle Island is located within Oldtown. The island sits in the area where the Honeywine widens and empties into Whispering Sound. The Hightower sits atop it. It is unknown how the island came to be named; and some tales claim dragons once roosted on Battle Isle until the first Hightower put an end to them.

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