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Beric Dayne
Season(s) 4
Mentioned in "Two Swords"
Titles Lord of Starfall
Status Deceased
Origin Starfall
Allegiance House Dayne
Culture Dornishmen
Family {Arthur Dayne} - son
Beric Dayne ​is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He is not expected to appear in the series, being dead by the time it starts. He was the Lord of Starfall.



Beric Dayne was the Lord of Starfall and the father of Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning.[1]

Season 4Edit

He is mentioned in his son Arthur's entry in the Book of Brothers.

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Ser Arthur Dayne's father is never named or mentioned. Ser Arthur's nephew Edric Dayne is the Lord of Starfall during the events of the series.


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Lord: Heir:
Seat: Starfall Lands: Dorne
Title(s): Lord of Starfall
Deceased members:Dyanna Dayne · Beric Dayne · Arthur Dayne
Overlord:House Martell

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