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"When the Walkers come crawling Craster will serve us up like so many pigs. If we want to live, we'll have to look out for ourselves."

The Betrayers are a group of sworn brothers of the Night's Watch that carry out a mutiny against the authority of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont after the survivors of the Battle of the Fist of the First Men take shelter at Craster's Keep.

Known Betrayers

  • Karl, who kills Craster, committing a grave violation against the sacred guest right and the laws of hospitality
  • Rast, who murders Lord Commander Mormont

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Betrayers - as they are called in the Appendix to A Dance with Dragons - are led by Dirk and Ollo Lophand, who kill Craster and Lord Commander Mormont, respectively. Rast isn't present because he had remained at Castle Black.

The Betrayers who are specifically mentioned in the books are:

  • Dirk
  • Ollo Lophand
  • Grubbs
  • Garth of Greenaway
  • Alan of Rosby
  • Rolley of Sisterton
  • Mawney
  • Clubfoot Karl
  • "Orphan" Oss
  • "Muttering" Bill

Some of these mutinous black brothers had been involved in a conspiracy to kill Lord Commander Mormont and several other members of the Night's Watch to ensure the enmd of the Great Ranging and facilitate their desertion. However, he attack of the White Walkers to the encampment at the Fist of the First Men made the conspiracy pointless. When the mutiny at Craster's Keep breaks out, some of the conspirators join Dirk and Ollo Lophand, while others remain loyal.

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