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  • SummerandBran

    Howland Reed

    August 25, 2016 by SummerandBran

    Does anyone else think it possible that Howland Reed may NOT know Jon's true identity? He didn't go up into the Tower of Joy with Ned so who knows what Ned told him about the baby? All we really know is that Howland knows Jon isn't Ned's bastard son. So, aside from Bran who used his greenseer powers to eavesdrop on Ned and Lyanna, and the midwives who were there, nobody for sure knows who Jon is. Rhaegar's gaurd of men got killed you think Howland Reed knows Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son?

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  • Serojja

    R'hllor - Video

    August 23, 2016 by Serojja

    Hello, here is my new video - it is about R'hllor, also known as the Lord of Light...

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  • Serojja

    Asshai - Video

    August 20, 2016 by Serojja

    Hi, I have created a new video about a mysterious city of Asshai, located in the far southeast of the continent of Essos. 


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    Does anyone else believe that Jon Snow and Ygritte were always doomed together and/or apart?

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  • GoT Dawn

    Season 6 is presumed that Eddard to returned the blade to House Dayne. I believe Howland have kept the Sward of Morning. Jojen and Meera Reed have never talked about Howland the Robert’s Rebellion or the Tower of Joy event. I think Eddard had asked Howland to deliver the Sword of the Morning to the House Dayne, but he couldn’t do it because he oathbreaker to stab Dayne. Over the years in support Eddard, he wanted to get back his promise, especially with the Stark House/War of the Five Kings and Ban cribbed, to get a Quest to visit the Three-eyed Raven.   

    Does anyone different thoughts?          

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  • QueenBuffy

    Just a funny video I found online from clips of the Graham Norton Show, featuring Kit and Emilia. Enjoy a good laugh. :)

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  • QueenBuffy

    The 2016 Emmy Nominations have been released, and it seems we have MORE Game of Thrones actors nominated! Congrats!!


    The Americans (FX)
    Game of Thrones (HBO)
    House of Cards (Netflix)
    Downton Abbey (PBS)
    Better Call Saul (AMC)
    Mr. Robot (USA)
    Homeland (Showtime)

    Jonathan Banks (Better Call Saul)
    Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)
    Kit Harington (Game of Thrones)
    Michael Kelly (House of Cards)

    Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline)

    Jon Voight (Ray Donovan)

    Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones)
    Lena Headey (Game of Thrones)
    Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey)
    Maura Tierney (The Affair)
    Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones)
    Constance Zimmer (UnREAL)

    You can check out the full list of nominations …

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  • Xanderen

    To my fellow Game of Thrones Wiki editors:

    While I'm hard at work creating the many sigils that this wiki uses, I thought it would be a cool idea to offer this service to the lords and ladies of the community as well! We're entering into the final season(s) of the show now, and this seems like a nice, fun way to reward everyone for their dedication to Game of Thrones, and this wiki over the past six years.

    Anyone who is interested can contact me either on this blog, or on my talk-page. Please provide a clear description of what you want your sigil to look like. Also, be aware that this offer is only open to registered members of the community - those wanting to take part who are not currently registered will have to create an account with Wikia.…

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  • Enriant

    Well, this is my very first post here in the GoT wikia, but this thought is something that have been in my mind for sometime so I would like to share it with someone else, and I would like to hear what you think after

    It is about the well-known apocalyptic prophecy about the return of the Others/White Walkers, and that a warrior will save the world once more. If you have read the World of Ice and Fire book, you will know that many other cultures worldwide have their own version of who was the hero. Personally, this links the Long Night to our world Flood myths: Many cultures and religions have a myth envolving a worldwide deluge, the same to the Known World about the Long Night

    Well, everybody has their bets. Melisandre thought it was Stanni…

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  • Salociin
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  • Salociin
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  • ImPat

    I'm new :)

    July 4, 2016 by ImPat

    Hello friends, I'm new to the wiki. I love Game of Thrones and would love to talk yall. Feel free to msg me or email me.

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  • Knakveey

    Hey there!

    Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our 4th annual battle is coming up in a few weeks, and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate!

    Click here to nominate a food from your community. The top 64 nominations will battle it out in Round One, which launches Monday, July 18.

    We'd love to see a new variety of fantasy foods this year, so if your community won a past battle, we encourage you to submit different foods. Only new submissions will be considered, so get creative, and rally your community for votes!



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  • H-Man Havoc

    Since both sides of Jon's parentage are known (maternally confirmed, paternally obvious but not officially stated in the series yet aside from the leaked HBO diagram), I'm curious to find out if either Jon or Dany are older than the other, and if so then by roughly how much. Both of their ages are given as 21 by the end of season 6 (as per their infoboxes and related reference tags), and we know that they were born at the tail-end of Robert's Rebellion, if not in the aftermath.

    While aunts/uncles being younger than their nephews/nieces is a rare situation, it does occur and it isn't uncommon for a pairing to be just a few years apart (e.g. retired MLB stars Dwight Gooden and Gary Sheffield are uncle/nephew, respectively; both are almost exa…

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  • Snale02

    Comet Reference?

    June 29, 2016 by Snale02

    Did anyone note that the chandelier in the Citadel library looks like the Red Comet as represented in the opening credits? Am I out of touch, or is there something to this?

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  • Hatandgloves

    Here's a video i made that points that could lead to the second northern rebellion being victorious or a fail.

    let me know on your ideas on how the rebellion may or may not be a success.

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  • GreyStark


    June 27, 2016 by GreyStark

    The lannister page is locked, someone needs to add the new titles, and add Kevan and lancel to the list of the dead, and remove Pod from lannister servants

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  • Jnolla89

    Cersei's Future

    June 27, 2016 by Jnolla89

    In the prophecy for Cersei, so far everything has come true. Therefore if she is to be killed by the "valonqar" , and valonqar is high valyrian for little brother, Cersei will be killed by a little brother. Yet it does not say her little brother, it says THE little brother. The Hound will kill Cersei, going through the mountain of course, but he will be the one. That is his purpose, being the ultimate little brother.

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  • GreyStark

    Bolton archers

    June 20, 2016 by GreyStark

    Has anyone else notice that the boltons may have been using the burning flayed people as distance markers, it makes sense

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  • GreyStark

    I've been looking around the wiki and I've notice that there's a lack of past tense for dead characters, for the likes of Ramsay and Wun Wun I'd understand but characters that kicked the bucket years ago still haven't been updated.

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  • Mattgb1

    I have satisfied the requirements for both of these badges but I never received them. Does anyone understand the system?

    • Smallfolk - make one edit on a Culture & Society article ( 0/1 )
    • Commissary cook - make one edit on a Production article ( 0/1 )

    examples - 

    • 12:30, June 18, 2016 (diff | hist) . . (+559)‎ . . List of references to Game of Thrones in other media ‎ 
    • 23:03, June 16, 2016 (diff | hist) . . (+21)‎ . . Brotherhood Without Banners ‎ 
    • 22:31, June 16, 2016 (diff | hist) . . (+322)‎ . . Crannogmen ‎ 
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  • Mattgb1


    June 18, 2016 by Mattgb1

    I just glanced back at season 3 to recall some background details regarding the armies of the north, and of course I ended up binge-watching the whole season again -- Red Wedding and all.  :-P

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  • Marinasoriano

    The TV series fans can stop guessing where to go on holidays this summer, this is the complete list of 44 locations used (from season 1 to season 6) on the Game of Thrones filming.

    Northern Ireland

    • Magheramorne: Hardhome, the Wall and Castle Black 

    • Murlough Bay: The Iron Islands

    • Mussenden Temple: Dragonstone

    • Corbet: Riverrun

    • Castle Ward: Winterfell

    • Ballintoy Harbour: Pyke and the Iron Islands 

    • The Dark Hedges: The stretch of road connecting to King’s Landing 

    • Larrybane:  The Stormlands, including Renly Baratheon’s war camp

    • Tollymore Forest Park: This is where Ned Stark discovered the direwolves and also where a family of dead Wildings were discovered by a member of the Night’s Watch.

    • Cushendun Caves: The Stormlands, this is where the Red Wo…

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  • Salociin


    June 15, 2016 by Salociin
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  • Doinnuttin

    Rose Drawing?

    June 6, 2016 by Doinnuttin

    Does anyone know the significance of the rose drawing Margaery gave her grandmother in tonight's episode?

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  • H-Man Havoc

    IGN published an article earlier today (originally reported by Vanity Fair) in which GRRM confirmed Brienne's descended from Duncan the Tall, who of course is best known for his lifelong friendship with Aegon V, as well as his featuring in the Dunk and Egg novellas.

    This happened when GRRM was at Balticon to read aloud a new chapter from his upcoming sixth book The Winds of Winter.

    Can't say I'm surprised, given her impressive height and raw strength rivaling that of men.

    I'd imagine Brienne's infobox would need an update as well as her storyline in the books (perhaps the series as well; though doubtful it'll be mentioned this season or even the remainder of the series).

    Did you guys expect this to have been confirmed or did you find this a co…

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  • Wakkaboy

    Does anyone remember the episode when Tyrion 

    was in trial for killing King Joffrey and he requested 

    for trial by combat and in his mind Jaime would be 

    his champion? (Season 4, episode 06) That scene 

    was so funny when he and Jaime talk about it 

    hahaha. Anyways I have some sort of theory who 

    will kill "The Mountain" or Gregor Clegane. It will be 

    Tyrion Lannister! Because as of now he is still 

    alive-- but a little bit of some kind of a monster. 

    Remember how he spoke with Ser Bronn, about 

    fighting for him but he refused because he is in 

    doubt to defeat Gregor Clegane-- Tyrion muses that 

    he may have to kill the Mountain himself, joking that 

    it would make for a great song. Bronn solemnly 

    tells him that he hopes to hear it one day, nods 


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  • Shaneymike

    The Broken Man

    May 30, 2016 by Shaneymike

    I could have sworn I saw a banner for House Manderly behind Ser Davos in the trailer. I wonder if the title of this episode refers to Wyman Manderly, Wendel's father.

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  • Guessingatgames

    Some people think the fight between white walkers and men will be done via the wall and they will never pass through. I think the wall will come down and the fight will occur south of the wall. Another theory of mine, when bran passes through the gates at the wall then so will the white walkers just like what occurred at the tree.

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  • Guessingatgames

    Jon will get to winter fell, and his dire wolf will direct boltons dogs to attack Ramsey Bolton

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  • Guessingatgames

    Wanted to post my theory. We all know that Ramsey is disturbed. I expect him to get a hold of Jon snow and burn him alive, however he will live as it will prove he is a targaryen. Bran will follow shortly to explain, as Jon will be very confused at this.

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  • Shaneymike

    Favorite Direwolf

    May 28, 2016 by Shaneymike

    Who is your favorite direwolf on Game of Thrones?

    If this post does in fact generate any replies, I expect either Ghost or Summer will get the most votes, which is understandable. But I personally have a soft spot for Shaggydog.

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  • Shaneymike

    Does anybody else find it incredibly frustrating there has been plenty of talk about the deaths of Robb and Catelyn but little if any of Talisa since the Red Wedding? You would think that her death would have stoked the ire of her birth family back in Volantis, unless of course they chose to disown her over the path she chose. Still, I find it very frustrating that there's been no mention of her since she was killed. Her death is hands down the most painful and difficult to sit through again and again, which is why I'm praying that the Freys will finally get their comeuppance this season.

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  • Shaneymike

    Well now that Hodor and Summer are gone, I wonder if Bran will do as others have speculated when the three-eyed raven told him that he would fly and warg into Drogon or one of the other two dragons. If so, I wonder how the Mother of Dragons will respond. Will she try to kill Bran? Or will his warging abilities humble her?

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  • ZiostheSPOOPYguy

    Hello, I started watching the series last night and to say the least, I'm hooked. I am currently half way through episode 5 of season 1 and there are so many things that I do not understand as I have not read 'A Song of Ice and Fire' I cannot find any wiki pages on who the Wildlings are and They have been mentioned many times, My knowledge on the term, 'Winter is Coming' is still very small but I am looking in to that, can anyone reccommend any pages or articles for me to read as to help expand my knowledge of the known world and the people places things and kings of westeros? please keep in mind I am only on season 1. NO SPOILERS PLEASE.

    Thank you 


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  • Hulk10

    I do feel sorry for Sansa, and admire her ability to feel some compassion.

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  • Shaneymike

    Daenerys will go mad with all the power that she has acquired in Essos, uniting all of Westeros against her when she finally arrives with her dragons and foreign horde. By this time, however, the Starks will have taken the North back from Ramsay Bolton and flayed him living as he so liked to do to so many others; rebuilt their army and recruited more giants to slay Dany's dragons with their massive arrows; and raised up Jon as their king because of all his deeds as well as what many people have surmised to be his true parentage. There will be a great battle, and despite their shared heritage, Jon will kill Daenerys and reforge the sword Lightbringer, which he will then use to defeat the Others.

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  • HouseofSnark

    Just finished rewatching the entire series, start to finish - well, up to the most recent episode.  Pretty clear that the White Walker and their Undead Army represent a major threat to humanity. However, I do believe there is a very plausible and fairly straightforward way to beat back the army - with or without dragons and Daenerys' legions of unsullied and horse-whisperers.

    If this happens:

    1. The North unites under Jon Snow and Sansa Stark - meaning all rebellions (specifically Bolton's) must be crushed quickly 
    2. The army of the Dead is unable to use boats and must cross over/through the Wall
    3. Pyromancers get enlisted to make more wildfire 
    4. Bag of dragonglass is recovered

    Then this could happen:

    1. Caches of wildfire placed strategically along/atop Wa…
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  • HartiCM

    I'm wondering, if the Dothraki crone and the High Priestess of the Dosh Khaleen are the same person and if the just recast the role. She mentioned in the last episode, that she was present when Dayn ate the heart in A Golden Crown. Any thoughts?

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  • H-Man Havoc

    After reading the reviews and seeing clips of Oathbreaker again, it seems strange that Smalljon Umber would just willingly offer up Rickon and Osha to Ramsay only to make a common alliance in favour of defending against the wildlings, considering the Smalljon has no love lost for the Boltons and House Umber still being loyally aligned with the Starks.

    Perhaps what Smalljon Umber did was a ruse; maybe a plan devised by the Smalljon, Osha and Rickon to eventually bring down Ramsay and House Bolton in general. Additionally, while Shaggydog could've actually been killed as part of this plan, it's highly unlikely and moreover, that dog's head is a bit too small to belong to a large direwolf. Perhaps Shaggydog is actually not only safe but hidden…

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  • Paradox Overlord

    Greetings Westerosi! 

    I was just wondering if there was any easier way to edit family trees besides editing the source code directly as it's become rather tedious and difficult of a task to do that. Is there a way to simply edit the family trees through the template GUI or is this not properly configured? If it can only be edited through the source code, could somebody please explain to me how this is done precisely?

    Warm regards,

    Pearson Wright

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  • Jazzya24


    May 11, 2016 by Jazzya24

    Has anyone noticed that Yara (Greyjoy) is an anagram for Arya (Stark)?

    They are strong female characters, maybe there's a connection (although I doubt it). 

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  • Hulk10


    May 7, 2016 by Hulk10

    If you could turn into a non-sapient creature from Game Of Thrones what would it be and what color would you be?

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  • Hulk10

    Daenerys's fate

    May 5, 2016 by Hulk10

    I wonder what Dany will do now that she is expected to spend the rest of her days with the other widows of Khals.

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  • Hulk10

    Favorite Dragon

    May 5, 2016 by Hulk10

    Whose your favorite Dragon in the Game of Thrones series?

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  • Matt Hadick

    Game of Thrones has had more than its fair share of memorable characters. Even though the death-happy George R.R. Martin has managed to kill off many of the ones we’ve loved — and loved to hate — there's no denying that some characters stand out better in our memory than others.

    With last weekend's premiere of Season 6, we thought we’d celebrate with a bracket tournament that asks the ultimate question: which Game of Thrones character, dead or alive, is your absolute favorite? This isn’t about who could beat who in a fight or who is most likely to rule over Westeros — it’s a popularity contest, plain and simple.

    Round 1 runs until TOMORROW — so make your way to the polls! Use the module below to cast your vote!

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  • Iam rajah

    Third targaryen

    April 28, 2016 by Iam rajah

    Who are other targaryens?

    a) Jon snow   b) Tyrion Lannister   c) Robert's bastard-Gendry

    a) As everybody wanted this, Jon should return from dead when his body been burned. this will prove he is a targaryen and fire cant kill him. But targaryens are only fire resisters and can die. so what if the dead cant come back? And also in s1e1, when king robert asks ned about his bastard's mother name, he mentioned Wylla. So Jon is not a targaryen. But also what if he is the son of rheagar and lyanna? ned might not want to disclose it to robert as he would feel in a wrong way. By this theory, Jon is also a targaryen. Also he possess the valyrian steel.

    b) As Tyrion joined Daenerys, he is now in targaryen side. But he might also be a real targaryen but …

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  • Winch1990

    Won't use the term "spoilers" because this is just theories and predictions assumed after S6E1 The Red Woman. I haven't read Winds of Winter and it probably doesn't matter because the shows storyline is beyond changed in its course. So here are some things I believe will happen by the end of this season or seasons to come based from clues from this season premiere, some obvious, some not.

    The Red Woman - Her true from is now confirmed to be many many years older. Cool, so how does that effect what's gonna happen? Well Davos is hoping she has some tricks left to get them out of there jam. All of Jon Snow's loyalist are about to be purged from castle black. The lord of light has failed her so many times before, she might be questioning if the…

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  • Mehul Kaushik

    Game of Thrones S06E01 : The Red Woman

    April 24, 2016. The day that everyone had been waiting for is finally here and so is the new episode : Game Of Thrones S06E01 named the "Red Priestess". When we first got news that the first episode was being named "The Red Woman", we were quite sure that somehow Melisandre would revive Jon Snow in the first episode or the second at most.

    Well, the biggest spoiler of the episode is that Red Woman is actually "A grey woman.. ??". Oh, also Jon Snow is still Dead. I know!!! *sobs for a minute*

    The episode tried to touch every arc. Jon Snow's dead and the Knight's Watch have decided to rebel against him although there are a few loyalists including Sir Davos who have taken his body and locked themselves in a …

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  • JackofBlades94

    Character Trivia

    April 22, 2016 by JackofBlades94

    Every other wiki has character trivia could we add some to this wiki?

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