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Yara Greyjoy: "I'm here for Theon Greyjoy! Take me to the dungeons!"
Bolton Guard: "He's not in the dungeons!"
Yara Greyjoy to Bolton Guard[src]

Unnamed Bolton guard is a minor character appearing in the fourth season. He is played by guest star Anthony Boyle and only appears in "The Laws of Gods and Men".



He is a guard in service of House Bolton.

Season 4Edit

As Yara Greyjoy and her men attack the Dreadfort to take Theon Greyjoy back to the Iron Islands, he is on his guard. After they start climbing the walls, he joins the fight as a defender of the castle, but Yara quickly takes him captive and asks where is her brother. The guard takes her to the kennels where Theon is being kept and Yara slits his throat immediately after she thanks him.[1]


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