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| Title=[[File:Night'sWatchicon.jpg|40px|left|link=Night's Watch]] Bowen Marsh [[File:Night'sWatchicon.jpg|40px|right|link=Night's Watch]]
| Image=Bowen profile.jpg
| Season=[[Season 1|1]]
| First="[[You Win or You Die]]"
| Last="[[The Pointy End]]"
| Appearances=2 episodes <small>([[#Appearances|see below]])</small>
| Titles=First Steward of the [[Night's Watch]]
| Status= [[:Category:Status: Alive|Alive]]
| Death=
| Place=
| Allegiance=The [[Night's Watch]]
| Family=
| Actor=[[Brian Fortune]]}}
{{Quote|You knelt as boys; rise now, as men of the Night's Watch|'''Bowen''' to '''[[Samwell Tarly|Sam]]''' and '''[[Jon Snow|Jon]]'''|The Pointy End}}
'''Bowen Marsh''' is a recurring character in the [[Season 1|first season]]. He is played by guest star [[Brian Fortune]] and debuts in "[[You Win or You Die]]." [[HBO]] announced Fortune as playing 'Night's Watch Officer', but according to the actor and other sources this is the same role as Bowen Marsh in the books. Bowen Marsh is the First Steward of the [[Night's Watch]].
Bowen Marsh is the First Steward of the [[Night's Watch]], based at [[Castle Black]]. He is in charge of the day-to-day running of the Night's Watch, dealing with issues of supplies, funding, logistics and communications.
===[[Season 1]]===
Bowen Marsh accompanies [[Jon Snow]] and [[Samwell Tarly]] into the [[Haunted Forest]] to witness them saying their oaths of loyalty to the Watch in front of a [[heart tree]]. He is among the first to congratulate them on entering the Watch, and is also present when [[Ghost]] returns with a corpse's hand in his mouth.<ref>"[[You Win or You Die]]"</ref> The party discover the corpses of [[Othor]] and [[Jafer Flowers]] and return them to Castle Black. He confirms Sam's discovery that the corpses do not smell, which is odd since they appear to have been dead for weeks.<ref>"[[The Pointy End]]"</ref>
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==In the books==
In the ''[[A Song of Ice and Fire]]'' novels, Marsh, nicknamed "the Old Pomegranate," is an important and senior figure in the Watch, reporting directly to Lord Commander [[Jeor Mormont]] and is just below him in the command hierarchy of the Watch. When Mormont and the rest of the Night's Watch ride out to investigate the [[wildling]] menace in the so-called "[[Great Ranging]]", he remains in command at Castle Black. Bowen Marsh hails from House Marsh, a noble house from [[the Neck]] sworn to House Reed.
==See also==
* [ Bowen Marsh at A Wiki of Ice and Fire] (MAJOR spoilers from the books)
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