"I'll have you whipped, girl. Go, go on."
―Braavosi Madam to "Lanna"[src]

A Braavosi Madam is a character in the fifth season. She is played by Lacy Moore and appears in "The Dance of Dragons".



This Braavosi Madam is the proprietress, or at least a senior procuress, of a brothel in Braavos.

Season 5

The Braavosi Madam is present when Ser Meryn Trant visits the brothel she works in, seeking for a prostitute. She presents three prostitutes to him, but he claims that they are all too old. Realizing with some distaste what Trant is seeking, she presents him with a very young serving girl. Trant informs the madam that he expects a "fresh" one tomorrow night, again to her distaste. Throughout the exchange, the Madam is vexed by the presence of Lanna, a young oyster-seller, so deep in the brothel, and warns her not to show up there again.[1]


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