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{{disambig|Stark, Brandon}}
{{disambig|Stark, Brandon}}
'''Brandon Stark''' can refer to:
'''Brandon Stark''' can refer to:
* [[Bran Stark|Brandon "Bran" Stark]]
* [[Bran Stark|Brandon "Bran" Stark]] - son of [[Eddard Stark|Eddard "Ned" Stark]]
* [[Brandon Stark (Son of Rickard)]]
* [[Brandon Stark (Son of Rickard)]] - older brother of Ned Stark, who later named his son "Bran" in memory of his deceased brother.
* [[Brandon Stark (the Builder)]]
* [[Brandon Stark (the Builder)]] - ancient founder of [[House Stark]] who lived 8,000 years ago. Many of his descendants in House Stark, such as Ned's brother Brandon and Ned's son Brandon, are named after the original Brandon the Builder.

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Brandon Stark can refer to:

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