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The castle of Runestone, where House Royce ruled as "Bronze Kings of the Vale".

Bronze King was a title held by the head of House Royce in the days before the Andal Invasion of Westeros.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Royce also held the title "Bronze King" before and during the Andal Invasion. The crown they bore was known as the Runic Crown. The First Men of the Vale were divided among several petty kingdoms, but as the Andal invasion continued they united under the Royces as over-kings of all the remaining First Men. This stemmed the Andal invasion for a time, but they were eventually defeated in the Battle of the Seven Stars.

Notable kings of this dynasty included:

  • Yorwyck Royce, Sixth of That Name.
  • Robar Royce, Second of That Name, the last of the Bronze Kings.

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Lord: Yohn Royce Heir: Unknown
Seat: Runestone Lands: The Vale of Arryn
Title(s): Lord of Runestone
Deceased members:{Robar Royce} · {Waymar Royce}
Household:Maester Helliweg · Samwell Stone
Overlord:House Arryn

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