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A list of [[Prostitution|prostitutes]] to appear in the series.
A list of [[Prostitution|prostitutes]] to appear in the series.
There are a number of prostitutes with a more than passing role in ''[[Game of Thrones]]'', amongst them [[Ros]] from [[Winterfell]] (who later moves to [[King's Landing]]; [[Tysha]], the prostitute that [[Jaime Lannister]] got for his brother [[Tyrion Lannister|Tyrion]], and [[Shae]] who [[Bronn]] found for Tyrion.
[[Petyr Baelish]] (Littlefinger), a member of the King's [[small council]], runs a number of brothels in [[King's Landing]]. One of his famous remarks is that having brothels earns one more than having ships: prostitutes rarely sink, and even the pirates jumping them end up paying.
[[Category:Social groups]]
[[Category:Social groups]]

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A list of prostitutes to appear in the series.

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