I'm going to need to review and fix up the categories on production staff articles like "Director" etc., and it's been a while, but the general breakdown is this:

  • "Production" - anything out of universe related to the show, including episodes, actors, different TV series in the franchise (in the future), HBO, Title sequence, visual effects companies, etc. General stuff not fitting into another category easily would get lumped in here.
    • "Production staff" are people responsible for making creative decisions on the TV series. These include writers, costume designers, the props department, visual effects/concept art people, the music people, the fictional languages people, etc. "Writers" are a major subdivision of "Production staff". Basically the "creative team" that would meet at planning sessions for the TV show - they have rotating directors so they're not really part of that.
    • "Crew" should be "people who physically film it on location" -- maybe "Filming crew" would be a better name. Basically "Directors and their helpers", ranging from "Cinematographer" and "Line Producer" to "Stunt Man" and "Stunt Coordinator" (unless someone wants to argue that Stunt Coordination is a kind of artistic choice, but on the whole it deals more with the stunt man side of things).

So by this, a Writer is not part of the "Filming Crew", and a Director is part of the "Filming Crew" but not the "Production staff"...that needs a better name because Directors sound like staff, I can't think of one though.

The two writers Benioff and Weiss also happen to have Directed episodes, so they are technically both, though I list them as Writers because this is far more important and they've written far more than they have directed. Going to need to sort that out eventually due to all of the production staff shakeups in Season 5.--The Dragon Demands (talk) 23:52, June 22, 2015 (UTC)