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Lord Cedric Forrester  is an unseen character in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.

He ​was the man responsible for constructing Ironrath, the seat of House Forrester, some 1500 years ago. He had at least three sons, triplets, who helped him construct Ironrath. 

Because of his decision to build Ironrath he is regarded as one of the most important ancestors of House Forrester, as he built their ancestral home, enabling his descendants to further secure their hold of the Ironwood, for which their house is famous.

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Lord: Lord Rodrik Forrester or Lord Asher Forrester (player-determined) Heir: Ryon Forrester
Seat: Ironrath (formerly) Lands: The Wolfswood, The North
Title(s): Lord of Ironrath (formerly)
Ancestors:Gerhard Forrester · Cedric Forrester· Thorren Forrester
Current members:Elsera Snow · Josera Snow · Talia Forrester · Ryon Forrester · Mira Forrester (player-determined)
Deceased members:Gregor Forrester · Elissa Forrester · Rodrik Forrester (player-determined) · Asher Forrester (player-determined) · Mira Forrester (player-determined) · Ethan Forrester
Household:Royland Degore · {Ortengryn} · Gared Tuttle · Duncan Tuttle · Malcolm Branfield · Beskha · {Norren} · Bowen · Erik · {Thermund} · {Gared's father} · {Gared's sister}
Overlord:House Glover

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