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Craster's wives are a group of women married to the wildling Craster and who dwell with him in his homestead in the Haunted Forest. Some of Craster's wives are also his own daughters, which he marries once they have flowered. Boys born from these couplings are sacrificed by Craster to the White Walkers, while daughters are kept to serve him and marry him once they are of age.

Known wivesEdit

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Craster's wives is the collective name for the nineteen wives of Craster. Some of his wives are also his daughters. Any sons he has with his wives are sacrificed after they are born, the daughters he keeps and marries once they are of age.

The men of the Night's Watch are warned beforehand not to talk to Craster’s wives. After the mutiny some of the younger wives are raped by the mutineers.

Crater's known wives are:

  • Gilly
  • Dyah
  • Ferny
  • Nella

Gilly, who escapes with Samwell Tarly during the brawl, is the sole known survivor of Craster's wives. Since the Raid on Craster's Keep does not occur in the books, the fate of the remaining eighteen wives is unknown.

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