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Damon Marbrand

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Hose Marbrand
Damon Marbrand
Hose Marbrand
Season(s) 2
Mentioned in "The Old Gods and the New"
Titles Lord of Ashemark
Status Alive
Origin Ashemark
Allegiance House Marbrand
House Lannister
Family Addam Marbrand (son)

Damon Marbrand is the Lord of Ashemark and the head of House Marbrand. He is a bannerman of House Lannister and the father of Ser Addam Marbrand.


Season 2

Due to Ser Amory Lorch's nigh-illiteracy, a letter from Tywin Lannister to Lord Damon is accidentally sent to Lord Marlin of House Dormund, a vassal of House Stark.

In the books

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Lord: Lord Damon Marbrand Heir: Ser Addam Marbrand
Seat: Ashemark Lands: The Westerlands
Title(s): Lord of Ashemark
Overlord:House Lannister

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