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Bolton mini shield
Bolton mini shield
Domeric Bolton
Status Deceased
Origin The Dreadfort
Allegiance House Bolton
Culture Northmen
Religion Old Gods of the Forest
Family Roose Bolton - father
Ramsay Snow - bastard half-brother

Domeric Bolton is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He was the heir of House Bolton, but is now dead.


Domeric Bolton was the only trueborn son of Lord Roose Bolton, the Lord of the Dreadfort. Following his death, Lord Bolton's only living offspring is Ramsay Snow, his bastard son, who has since been legitimized as Ramsay Bolton.[1]

Family treeEdit

Unknown tree
miller's wife
Roose Bolton
Walda Bolton
née Frey Frey-small
Ramsay Bolton

Behind the scenesEdit

Domeric Bolton has only been indirectly mentioned by Iwan Rheon in press interviews[2][3] and George R.R. Martin in the "Bastards of Westeros" promotional video.

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Domeric Bolton was the only son and heir of Lord Roose Bolton and Lady Bethany Ryswell, his second wife. According to Roose, Domeric was quiet but accomplished; he read history, played the harp and rode as if born on the saddle. Lady Barbrey Dustin, his maternal aunt, was quite fond of Domeric, who had served as a page at Barrowton. He also served as a squire for Lord Redfort in the Vale, who said Domeric had the makings of a tournament champion. Domeric enjoyed the company of Redfort's sons in the Vale and, longing for a brother of his own, went to seek out his bastard half-brother while returning from the Vale to the Dreadfort, despite his father's express command not to.

According to the Boltons' maester, Uthor, Domeric died of a sickness of the bowels. Roose however believes that Ramsay poisoned Domeric in order to take his place as their father's heir.

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