Erena Glover is the daughter of Robett Glover and Sybelle Glover and the sister of Gawen Glover. Following the Ironborn capture of Deepwood Motte, she, her mother, and brother are thrown into prison by the Ironborn. Due to King Robb Stark's failure to come to the aid of House Glover, Robett refuses to assist Robb's half-brother Jon Snow and sister Sansa Stark's efforts to retake Winterfell from House Bolton, who had helped them drive out the Ironborn earlier.

Family Tree

Galbart Glover
Robett Glover
Sybelle Glover
née Locke
Gawen Glover
Erena Glover

Behind the scenes

While Erena, her mother and brother remain unnamed in the television series, they were briefly mentioned in passing during a conversation between Robett Glover and Sansa Stark in Season 6.[1]

In the books

In A Clash of Kings, Erena Glover along with her mother Sybelle and brother Gawen are captured when Ironborn forces under Asha Greyjoy seize Deepwood Motte.

In A Feast of Crows, Erena and her family are taken by Asha to the Ten Towers in Harlaw; one of the Iron Islands. Along the way, they stop at the Stony Shore to search for a wet nurse for Erena. Instead, they are forced to make do with a goat. After arriving at the Ten Towers, Asha gives orders for the Glovers to be well treated and housed in a tower instead of a dungeon.

Erena and Gawen are left in the care of Asha's aunt Gwynesse Harlaw while Asha and Sybelle return to Deepwood Motte, since Asha fears Erena is too unhealthy for a second sea voyage.

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