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"We won't get to live at Stokeworth. When mother dies my sister gets the castle because she's older."
Lollys Stokeworth to Bronn[src]

Falyse Stokeworth is the eldest daughter of House Stokeworth and heir to Castle Stokeworth.

"Falyse" is pronounced "Fahl-lease".


Season 4

Falyse crops up in a conversation between Tyrion Lannister and Bronn, when the latter visits Tyrion in his cell while awaiting his trial. Bronn reveals that Cersei Lannister has arranged a marriage between him and Falyse's younger sister Lollys in a successful effort to sway the ambitious ex-sellsword from Tyrion's service. Tyrion points out that Falyse, not Lollys, is the heir to House Stokeworth and their castle. Bronn has apparently already considered this, and remarks that Falyse is barren and should she perish before her father, Lollys would become the heir.[1]

Season 5

Lollys Stokeworth and her newly betrothed Ser Bronn of the Blackwater walk on the grounds outside the castle, as Lollys talks excitedly about plans for their upcoming wedding. Bronn muses that he never thought he'd end up settling down in a fine a place as this. Confused, Lollys corrects him that after her mother (Tanda Stokeworth) dies, the castle will pass to her sister, because she is older than Lollys. She also says that her sister hates her, calls her names, and even still she pulls Lollys's hair when she thinks their mother isn't looking. Bronn assures Lollys that her sister is mean, and mean people always end up getting what's coming to them - clearly still holding to his plan to surreptitiously kill off Falyse after he marries Lollys.

They then see that Jaime Lannister has arrived at the castle. He privately informs Bronn that he needs him to accompany a secret mission he is taking to Dorne. To encourage Bronn to go, the Lannisters have now promised Lollys to Wyllis Bracken: Jaime vaguely promises that they will find Bronn a better bride with an even bigger castle, though Bronn is not amused.[2]

Family tree

Unknown Lord Stokeworth
Tanda Stokeworth
Falyse Stokeworth
Lollys Stokeworth
Wyllis Bracken

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Falyse is known to have an acid tongue. She is described as looking like a fish and drinking like one too, being quite fond of hippocras. She has been married to Ser Balman Byrch for ten years, but they remain childless. It is rumored that he shuns her bed.

She attends the tournament on King Joffrey Baratheon's nameday with her mother Lady Tanda and her sister Lollys. She arrives in King's Landing with a small troop of soldiers the day before the Battle of the Blackwater. During the battle she stays with her sister and mother in Maegor's Holdfast.

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