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Faye Marsay is an English stage and screen actress. She is known for her role as Anne Neville in The White Queen and as the recurring character Candice in Fresh Meat.

Shona list

Shona (Faye Marsay) has "Thrones marathon" on her to-do list in the Doctor Who 2014 Christmas special.

She also prominently appeared in the Doctor Who 2014 Christmas special as Shona - a character who was determined to marathon Game of Thrones over Christmas break.

In Game of Thrones, she portrays the Waif in Season 5 and Season 6.


1. High Sparrow (5x03)

2. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (5x06)

3. Hardhome (5x08)

4. Mother's Mercy (5x10)

5. The Red Woman (6x01)

6. Home (6x02)

7. Oathbreaker (6x03)

8. The Door (6x05)

9. Blood of My Blood (6x06)

10. The Broken Man (6x07)

11. No One (6x08)

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