Fegg is a corpse cart driver.



Fegg once put smallfolk dressed in bannerman and lord's clothes in his cart to sell at Duskendale. Ser Royland Degore was there when this was attempted.

"The Lost Lords"

Fegg is driving the cart bringing the corpse of Lord Gregor Forrester, his (unknown to Fegg) still alive son Rodrik Forrester and several other corpses. When he reaches Ironrath, a Forrester man-at-arms prepares to take them, however Fegg is confronted by Ser Royland Degore who does not believe that he has Forrester dead and orders him to leave, while he is doing this Rodrik falls out of the cart much to everyone's surprise which proves that Fegg was telling the truth, it is not clear what exactly happened between House Forrester and Fegg after this but Gregor's corpse was taken from Fegg's cart as well.


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