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There were a lot of good lines over the course of the third season.  Some of the best were lines that seemed to have had double meanings.  It seems people are not always talking about what we might first think they are.  But my favorite line is when Lord Tywin scolded King Joffrey "If king has to say 'I am the King.' then he is not much of a king."  or something to that effect.  Do you have a favorite line?

My favorite line for Season 3 would have to be from episode 9, [Gilly] "You're like, a wizard.", to Samwise Tarly. In Season 1 Samwise had told Jon Snow he always wanted to be a wizard, so it was a special thing for him to hear that from her. Peace! 08:02, July 26, 2014 (UTC)

Season 3 was one of the best seasons overall but my personal favorite would have to be robb starks and his journey through to kings landing although I didnt like the ending at all i thourght his role as a young lord and the hard decisions he had to make made some great demonstrations through his line.