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Hello, I was wondering as this wiki is supposed to be up to date with the most recent aired episode shouldn't the house section at the bottom of each characters page be updated? For example Theon Greyjoy and Jory Cassel are still counted as part of the Stark household when currently in the TV series neither are still part of it. Also Mance Rayder is counted as a ranger in the Night's Watch section even though he deserted his post long before the the setting of when the series began.
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Why shouldn't either one of them be listed as part of House Stark?  By your argument, if Jory should not be included as part of House Stark, then neither should Ned..  As for Theon, his family treated him with scorn when he returned to the Iron Islands, and he told "The Boy" outside the dungeon at Dreadfort that his "real father lost his head at King's Landing."  Theon is far more Stark than Greyjoy, in my opinion.