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This is a limited ticket literary and tv series event and tickets will probably go fast so we want everyone to have a chance to know about it and decide if they want to go.

The only American Game of Thrones fan convention THE ICE & FIRE CONVENTION is being held at Ravenwood Castle in south-central-ish Ohio, FRIDAY APRIL 26th - SUNDAY APRIL 28th. Yes panels and accommodations are in the Castle and castle cottages. We are planning photoshoots, a mock Westeros election, several panels, a mini tournament, a gaming night, medieval lunch, high teas, feast and costume contest, actually many contests for awesome prizes. :) All completely ASOIAF-related, of course.

There will be three price tiers for tickets (two of which include a meal or meal[s]) and you *must* stay on site, but castle rooms are pretty affordable (more so than D*C anyway - ranging from min. $130 to far max $235) and include breakfast.

Websites include:,, our con store, twitter @ICEandFIRECon

Thank you,
Dawn Hampton
Convention Organizer

Well I live in New York but I won't be able to travel that far. Usually I just wait for the conventions to come here (after all, George R.R. Martin has been involved with the NYC Comic Con for decades). Not sure if any of the international contributors here will be able to come.--The Dragon Demands (talk) 17:28, October 5, 2012 (UTC)