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A proposal. We currently structure our character articles with an untitled lead, a Season 1 section, an appearances section (recently added to all season 1 characters by me), an in the books section, a see also section and a references section. The lead currently starts with a paragraph of behind the scenes information to contextualise the article and then a section introducting the background of the character. For some of our major characters (still wondering about the definition of this term in another thread here) this section can be quite long. The lead does not attempt to summarise the later content of the article. I think we should change the structure of the articles somewhat. I have worked up an example using Robert Baratheon in my sandbox. For comparison the current article is here. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

I believe this approach has three main advantages:

  1. Better reading with a clearly linear approach to the characters storyline in the Biography section.
  2. A clear place for pre-series information in the Background section.
  3. A more concise lead section that can adequately summarise the whole article without focusing on pre-series information.

I am going to be working on bringing all of our character articles in line with User:Werthead's suggestion that we remove the episode subsections and instead have references to the episodes where events take place. I would be happy to work on matching the articles to this proposal at the same time. I will begin doing so in one week if there are no objections. --Opark 77 14:52, February 9, 2012 (UTC)

I have completed an overhaul of our character images to bring them all in line with this proposal.--Opark 77 07:26, March 19, 2012 (UTC)