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Most questions and discussions regarding the organization of the site are done via the 'Talk' pages of people, which is why Werthead's has already grown tremendously :) However, it's perhaps not the most useful way to conduct such talks:

  • Werthead gets swamped with questions;
  • Other sysadmins could perhaps have helped;
  • A questions and its answer are spread over two talk pages (Werthead's and the talk page of the one asking);
  • Other users thereby often miss a question or its resolution.

So I was wondering if we perhaps could find a designated, more public place for such matters. Turns out that the wiki has an in-built forum with it's own Help desk section! Why not use this from now on? I've kick-started the forum's Help Desk with this first message. Shall we try, and then see how we like this method...?

- KarinS 02:16, July 2, 2011 (UTC)