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Sam and Bran

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There have been a number of remarks that the final scene between Bran and Sam was boring.  I found it to be quite puzzling to the viewer.  It seemed that the TV writers missed the whole point of their interaction.  Maybe they plan on delaying the introduction of facts and characters: i.e., Meera and Jojen Reed.  The books introducted them at Winterfell during Robert's visit, while the series introduced them while Bran was on the run.

If the intent is delay introducing some facts to the viewer, then what I am about to say could be a spoiler.  On the other hand, I am completely at a loss to explain why the writers missed or omitted the most significant parts of the debate between Sam and Bran.

SPOILER?  The ghost story that Bran told is different from the tale in the books, which is significant because the tale in the book makes it clear that the passage under The Wall is actually a giant maze.  The maze is present so that  if some undesireable actually found the hidden entrance, then they would have a difficult time getting through.  This was not made clear in the series.  In fact, the series made it look as if all you had to do was walk straight through The Wall inside of a long, straight tunnel, a tunnel which is not only undefended but not blocked with debris to make passage difficult.  This is why Bran needed Sam's help to get through.  Hodor could have carried Bran if it were that easy, but the passage was a maze.  Bran needed a guide.

But, the real significance of the scene may have been lost on some viewers.  Maybe it was done intentionally, but somehow I don't think so.  Think about it.  Sam knows that Bran is alive.  Sam is on his way to Castle Black, and we know that he made it there.  Bran and Rickon are believed to be dead.  Sam, Bran and the Reeds argued the repercussions if the wrong people found out that they were alive.  They argued about the pros and cons.  Same insisted they would be safest at Castle Black.  Eventually they came to the conclusion before they parted ways that Sam cannot tell anyone about Bran being alive or having seen him.  Sam would have to keep the secret safe, most especially for Rickon's sake because he is south of The Wall.  Sam eventually seemed to fully understand the need for secrecy.

Had the scene played out that way, it would have been much better.  I have no idea why they most significant part of the encounter between Bran and Sam was apparently left out. The Mountain That Talks (talk) 15:09, June 24, 2013 (UTC)