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Just out of curiosity, which side does everyone support in the war? I mean specifically sides you're actively supporting to the point you have a userbox declaring your allegiance. So I thought it would be nice to break it down into a list.

I left out the Arryns and Martells because they're not really involved yet, and Tully is included under "Stark". This list is meant to be current, and thus post-dates the death of Renly Baratheon and Battle of the Blackwater; the Baratheons are now a spent force, many switched after Renly's death to Stannis but then died at Blackwater, after which most off the Stormlands have been occupied by Joffrey and the so-called "House Baratheon of King's Landing". House Tyrell is still a strong force in their own right but have openly sided with the Lannisters; thus I put them as a subset of Team Lannister, i.e. for people who like Loras, sided with the Lannisters to get revenge on Stannis or for simple practicality, but don't particularly like the Lannisters either (the Tyrells "sided" with the Lannisters much as the Lannisters "sided" with Robert Baratheon, and look how that turned out). I also put in the Targaryens just for the sake of comprehension, even though they're not in the specific "War of the Five Kings".

If there's a category I haven't put in here feel free to add it.

Team Lannister

  • QueenBuffy
  • Mesmermann

Team Tyrell

  • Rachel P

Team Stark

  • Gonzalo84
  • Opark77
  • Nader007
  • Queen Catherine
  • The Mountain That Talks (talk) 17:11, June 17, 2013 (UTC)The Mountain That Talks
  • Aetherium
  • ​Gboy4

Team Stannis Baratheon

Team Greyjoy

Team Targaryen

Team Bolton