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Ghiscar (region)

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This article is about the kingdom, for the dragon see Ghiscar (dragon)

A map showing the location of Ghiscar on the continent of Essos.

Ghiscar is a kingdom located on the continent of Essos, south-east of Slaver's Bay.[1]



Coastal areas:

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Ghiscar is a nation that is rising to prominence following the fall of Valyria. The ancient Ghiscari Empire was the dominant empire of the east until five thousand years ago, when it was destroyed by Valyria using its newly-discovered dragons. Since the Doom of Valyria, Ghiscar has been trying to regain its former pre-eminence.

Ghiscar was established by Grazdan the Great, who founded Ghiscar in the dawn of days.

The main territory claimed by Ghiscar lies along the eastern coast of the Gulf of Grief, west of Qarth and south of Astapor. The Ghiscari capital is New Ghis, located on the island of Gaen off the coast. The ancient capital is the port of Ghis, now called Old Ghis, the ruins of which lie on the mainland.

The city-states of Slaver's Bay - Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen - are culturally Ghiscari, although the cities are politically independent and do not hold fealty to New Ghis.

The Ghiscari sigil is a harpy, with the torso and head of a woman, bat-like fangs and wings, the legs of an eagle and a scorpion-like tail. On the Ghiscari flag, the harpy is clutching a thunderbolt.

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