"My father will go straight to Roose Bolton! He'll flay you, and your sister, and your whole fucking family!"
―Gryff Whitehill to Rodrik[src]

Gryff Whitehill is the fourthborn son of Lord Ludd Whitehill.



As a child, Gryff was routinely bullied by his older brothers. His father, Ludd, stood up for him however, saying, "A Whitehill is a Whitehill", even if he was fourth born. He grew into an aggressive, pushy man who desires to rule a castle of his own, and takes much pleasure in usurping control of Ironrath and humiliating Rodrik, its legitimate lord.".[1] He is described by Duncan Tuttle as being a "fourthborn son with something to prove".[2]

At the time after the Red Wedding, Gryff was at Harrenhal.[3]

"Iron From Ice"

When Ramsay Snow states that a garrison of Whitehill men will be stationed in Ironrath depending on how Lord Ethan responds Ramsay will ask Ludd Whitehill if he has someone he can trust to lead the garrison, Ludd confirms this and states that his son Gryff will lead it.[4]

"The Lost Lords"

Lord Whitehill bursts in on Rodrik Forrester and explains that his son Gryff is on his way from Harrenhal to meet up with the Whitehill's garrison at Ironrath. He will lead them to ensure the Forresters stay in line. It is also mentioned that Gryff is the fourth born son of Ludd Whitehill.[5]

"The Sword in the Darkness"

Gryff appears in person in this episode. The Whitehill soldiers occupying Ironrath begin to assemble in the court yard and set a tent on fire. Gryff then shows himself to the annoyed Rodrik Forrester and declares control of Ironrath despite resistance from Rodrik and Elissa. He then demands residence in the Great Hall forcing Rodrik to comply.

Later a Whitehill guard is bit by Talia and Gryff demands justice from Rodrik. When Rodrik grabs and defends Talia he is pushed to the ground by Gryff continuously and demands that he stays down threatening him saying that Talia will meet the same fate as Ethan.[6]

"Sons of Winter"

As Ironrath is still occupied by Whitehill soldiers. Lord Glenmore agreed to wed Gryff to his daughter Elaena Glenmore. However Elaena disagrees with the forced marriage and seeks out Rodriks help. It is agreed that Rodrik will kill Gryff Whitehill with the help of Arthur Glenmore's elite men. Rodrik then confronts Gryff as he is 'punishing' the maester for 'letting the bite wound fester.' Rodrik stands up to Gryff and confronts him, after a small brawl the Glenmore men march in and take hold of the Whitehill soldiers. The player is given the option to simply imprison Gryff, or beat him with increasing amounts of severity before Elissa steps in and stops Rodrik from killing Gryff, lest the Whitehills take vengeance on Ryon. At this point the player can choose to send Gryff to the dungeons or alternatively spit on him, or knock him out before having him sent to the dungeons. If Gryff is maimed but not knocked out, he will groan that he cannot see meaning Rodrik possibly blinded Gryff's left eye. He is then dragged to the cellars.[7]

"A Nest of Vipers"

Gryff remains imprisoned during Ramsay Snow's visit to Ironrath. However, he is later freed by the traitor.

Gryff later leads the Whitehill ambush of Asher Forrester's hired pit fighters as the arrive in Westeros. After Asher and Rodrik are trapped in the port town, Gryff rides up on horseback, commanding the attack. He looks on smugly as either Asher or Rodrik remains behind and is slain by his soldiers.[8]

"The Ice Dragon"

If Asher survives the Ambush at the Harbor, Gryff orders his troops to pursue Asher and make a second attempt at killing him, however Asher's counter-attack wipes out Gryff's soldiers, alarming Ludd sufficiently to seek peace with the new Lord Forrester. Ludd arrives at Ironrath with Gryff to offer terms, where Gryff mocks Asher. Gryff returns with the rest of House Whitehill for the White Engagement at Ironrath to celebrate the new peace agreement, where he proceeds to taunt Asher over his time in Essos as a sellsword. If Asher chose to ambush the Whitehills or make peace, Gryff attacks Asher but is slain in the battle after being stabbed and thrown in a roaring fire pit. If Ludd was poisoned, Gryff is bested and disarmed by Asher, however before Asher can deliver the killing blow, Gwyn stabs Asher in the back, allowing Gryff to flee and rally the rest of the Whitehill army and seize Ironrath. Gryff is later seen marching into Ironrath at the head of his army.

If Rodrik survives the Ambush at the Harbor, Gryff appears, alongside Lord Whitehill, leading the Whitehill army towards Ironrath. During Rodrik's raid on the Whitehill camp, Gryff is seen conversing with Ludd and remarks that he will cut off Ryon's legs so he will not be able to escape. Ludd also gives additional orders to kill Ryon if he was to die under any circumstances. If targeted, Gryff is seen abusing Ryon until he is confronted and stabbed in the lungs by Rodrik. Upon his defeat, Gryff begins to whimper and pleads to Rodrik for mercy, in which Rodrik can either behead him or let him bleed out while taunting him for being a coward. If Ludd was killed instead, Gryff is later seen entering Ironrath and leading the assault on the castle.[9]

Family Tree

Ludd Tree
Ludd Whitehill
Lady Whitehill Tree
Lady Whitehill
Ebbert Whitehill Tree
Karl Whitehill
Karl Whitehill Tree
Ebbert Whitehill
Torrhen Whitehill Tree
Torrhen Whitehill
Gwyn Tree
Gwyn Whitehill
Gryff Tree
Gryff Whitehill


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Spoken by Gryff
"'Cocky Rodrik' we used to call you. Swingin' your prick 'round, lording it over my family. Now look at you, eh? 'Rodrik the Ruined'. I hardly recognise you but the name fits. Pathetic."
―Gryff mocks Rodrik Forrester's condition.[src]
"This is my hall! You have no right to be here!"
―Gryff tries to order Arthur Glenmore and his garrison out.[src]

Spoken about Gryff

"My brothers were never kind to Gryff. He was boastful, gullible, and quick to anger. But my father always defended him. A Whitehill is a Whitehill, he'd say."
Gwyn Whitehill talking about Gryff.[src]
"You? I'd rather marry a dead horse!"
Elaena Glenmore to Gryff Whitehill[src]
"Gryff Whitehill. Parading around here like a conquering fucking hero."
―Ser Royland Degore voices his displeasure at Gryff's occupation of Ironrath.[src]

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