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Hallis Mollen
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"I'll send Hal with a squad of guardsmen to escort you."
―Ser Rodrik Cassel[src]

Hallis Mollen is the new captain of the guards at Winterfell after the departure of Jory Cassel.


Season 1

Ser Rodrik Cassel suggests to Catelyn Stark that if she is heading south to capture Tyrion Lannister, she should take "Hal" and a squad of guardsmen with her. Catelyn turns him down, pointing out that too large of a traveling party will attract unwanted attention. Instead, Catelyn only allows Rodrik himself to accompany her.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Hallis Mollen is Jory Cassel's replacement as captain of the guards at Winterfell. He has a tendency to state the obvious.

In the books, Hallis goes south with Robb Stark's army and takes part in the Battle of the Whispering Wood. Hallis actually accompanies Catelyn south when she goes to treat with Renly Baratheon at Storm's End. After Catelyn receives Eddard Stark's bones at Riverrun, she orders Hallis to escort them back to Winterfell for proper burial in the crypts. In the TV series, Ned Stark's bones are delivered instead by Littlefinger, at Tyrion's request, at Renly's camp in the Stormlands. No mention is made of what happened to Ned Stark's bones after Catelyn flees the camp after Renly's death with only Brienne of Tarth.

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