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Sansa kissing Hearteater

Sansa kissing Hearteater.

Hearteater is the name Joffrey I gave the new sword he used in the Battle of the Blackwater. Before he left to oversee the city's defenses, he ordered Sansa Stark to kiss it.

In the books

Sort of a running joke in the books is that Joffrey has a habit of frequently getting new and quite impressively made swords, and giving them fierce names like "Lion's Tooth" or "Hearteater"...but he never actually swings a sword against an opponent at any time in the narrative. When he does personally execute people he uses a crossbow, because he doesn't know how to wield a sword. Indeed, Joffrey backs out of a joust with swords against Robb Stark being held at the feast at Winterfell, bluffing his way out by stating that he refuses to fight with blunt tournament swords, only with real sharp swords so he can kill someone. Its later revealed that he's never learned how to fight with a sword at all, taking it as an insult whenever instructors would assume he didn't already know everything, and spurning their attempts to teach him. As a result, he never learned anything.

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