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Highgarden Pin

Map showing the location of Highgarden on the continent of Westeros.

"Loras, Highgarden!"
―Margaery Tyrell[src]

Highgarden is the seat of House Tyrell and the regional capital of the Reach. It is next to the river Mander. Highgarden sits on the point where the Roseroad linking Oldtown and King's Landing forks off west on the Searoad which leads to Lannisport. As King's Landing, Oldtown, and Lannisport are the first, second, and third largest cities in Westeros, heavy trade and traffic to and from Oldtown ultimately passes through Highgarden.



Highgarden was originally the seat of House Gardener, founded by Garth Greenhand one of the legendary kings of the First Men. House Gardener ruled as the Kings of the Reach until the invasion of Aegon the Conqueror. King Mern IX Gardener and all his issue were slaughtered by Aegon's dragons on the Field of Fire, so Aegon raised the Tyrells, the stewards of Highgarden, to rule over Highgarden and the Reach. This sparked off a long-standing complaint from House Florent of Brightwater Keep, who claimed a superior blood-link to the Gardeners, though this has been constantly dismissed by later kings.[1][2][3]

Season 2

During the tournament held by King Renly Baratheon, when Ser Loras Tyrell duels with Brienne of Tarth, Margaery Tyrell cheers on her brother by standing up from her seat and shouting "Highgarden!".[4]

After Renly is assassinated, most of his bannermen from the Stormlands submit to his older brother Stannis Baratheon. However, Margaery and Loras Tyrell withdraw House Tyrell's sizable army back to Highgarden, along with the other Houses from the Reach they command.[5]

Notable residents of the castle

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Highgarden is amongst the most attractive of the great castles, with immense gardens located within its strong, tiered walls.


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Lord: Lord Mace Tyrell Heir: Ser Loras Tyrell
Seat: Highgarden Lands: The Reach
Title(s): Lord Paramount of the Reach · Lord of Highgarden · Warden of the South
Ancestors:Garth Gardener · Harlen Tyrell · Lyonel Tyrell
Current members:Olenna Tyrell · Alerie Tyrell · Margaery Tyrell · Tyrell lady
Deceased members:Luthor Tyrell
Household:Mira Forrester · Sera Durwell
Overlord:House Baratheon of King's Landing

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