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Hills of Norvos

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Hills of Norvos

A map showing the location of the Hills of Norvos on the continent of Essos.

The Hills of Norvos are an extensive range of tall hills and mountains located at the north-western end of the continent of Essos. They extend from the mainland just south of Braavos along the north coast as far east as the headland known as the Axe. The extend south almost as far as Dagger Lake.

The hills are named for the Free City of Norvos, which is the largest city in the area. The headwaters of most of the major tributaries of the Rhoyne form in these hills.[1]

In the books

In the Song of Ice and Fire novels the Hills of Norvos are part of an immense region of hills and mountains which dominates the north-western corner of Essos. This region extends for several hundred miles from just south of Braavos, encompassing much of the territory east to Qohor and south along the Rhoyne and its tributaries. The Velvet Hills near Pentos are an off-shoot of this range. The term 'Hills of Andalos' has also been used to describe part of this region.

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