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"Gendel. Raymun Redbeard. The Horned Lord. Each chosen as a King-Beyond-the-Wall, each promising victory and all fallen to the Night's Watch and the Starks."

The Horned Lord is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He was a King-Beyond-the-Wall of the Free Folk.


The Horned Lord led an invasion of the North but was defeated by the combined efforts of House Stark and the Night's Watch.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Horned King, a.k.a. the Horned Lord, was an ancient King-Beyond-the-Wall who raided south of the Wall. A quote is attributed to him: "Sorcery is a sword without a hilt. There is no safe way to grasp it."

The Horned Lord lived about one or two thousand years ago.

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