House Beesbury of Honeyholt is a vassal house from the Reach sworn to House Hightower. Their seat is Honeyholt.

Historical members

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Beesbury is an ancient house from the time of the First Men, though their power has diminished over the centuries. They are vassals of House Hightower. They boast descent of Ellyn Ever-Sweet, a mythical daughter of the equally mythical Garth Greenhand, who became the first beekeeper after making a pact with the King of Bees. Their words are "Beware our Sting".

Lyman Beesbury, the old Master of Coin, was the first casualty of the Dance of the Dragons. Upon King Viserys I's death, his son Aegon II usurped the throne ahead of the designated heir, his older sister Rhaenyra. When the Small Council met after the old king died, it quickly became apparent that all of the other members were going to support Aegon II's seizure of the throne - including Aegon II's mother Alicent Hightower - but Lyman refused to go along with it. In response, Lord Commander Criston Cole slit his throat at the council table itself. The Hightowers were Aegon II's biggest supporters, as they were his mother's family, but they were surprised when several of their own vassal Houses declared for Rhaenyra and took up arms against them - among them House Beesbury, to avenge the honorless murder of Lyman. It isn't clear why the Hightowers were surprised that the Beesburys would turn against them for this, though perhaps they thought Lyman's murder would shock them into submission. The Beesburys and other pro-Rhaenyra Houses in the Reach were eventually overcome by the larger Hightower army, but it delayed them for many months, preventing them from attacking Rhaenyra's other forces further north.

The Beesburys declare for King Renly Baratheon at the onset of the War of the Five Kings, but after his death go over to House Lannister along with most of the lords of the Reach.

The Beesburys play a very minor role in the novels. The only member of the house that makes an on-screen appearance is Ser Bertram Beesbury: he meets Jaime and Brienne at Brindlewood, on their way from Harrenhal to King's Landing, and tells them about the Red Wedding, much to Brienne's sorrow.

The heraldry of House Beesbury in the novels is actually three yellow beehives in a vertical line on black, flanked by alternating yellow and black vertical stripes. The version in the TV series's "Histories & Lore" apparently simplified this to just one yellow beehive, on solid black.

Known members

  • Lord Warryn Beesbury, Lord of Honeyholt.

With unspecified familiar relationship with the lord of the house there are also:

  • Lord {Ben Beesbury}, an old, blind and toothless man, dead not long ago.
  • Ser Bertram Beesbury, a red-faced knight. 
  • Ser Hugh Beesbury, a young knight.
  • {Jeyne Beesbury}, married to Rhaegar Frey. Mother to three Freys (Robert, Walda, and Jonos). Died of wasting illness.
  • Beony Beesbury, married to Ser Raymund Frey. Mother to seven Freys (Robert, Malwyn, Serra, Sarra, Cersei, Jaime and Tywin).
  • Alys Beesbury, married to Leo Tyrell, from a secondary branch of the Tyrells. Mother to five Tyrells (Alla, Leona, Lyonel, Lucas, and Lorent).

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