House Crakehall of Crakehall is a vassal house that holds fealty to House Lannister of Casterly Rock. Their lands are located at the Searoad, at the south of the Westerlands, between the sea and a large forest. The current head of the family is Desmond Crakehall. The Crakehall sigil is a black and white brindled boar on brown. Their house words are "None So Fierce."

Known members

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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Crakehalls are known for their uncommon robustness.


  • Lord {Sumner Crakehall}, the late Lord of Crakehall. Jaime Lannister was his squire in his youth.
    • Lord Roland Crakehall, his son, the current Lord of Crakehall. He participated in the Sack of King's Landing. He and Ser Elys Westerling found Jaime standing over the body of the Mad King.
      • Ser Tybolt Crakehall, his eldest son and heir to Crakehall.
      • Ser Lyle Crakehall, his second son, called the "Strongboar". Participates the second siege of Riverrun.
      • Ser Merlon Crakehall, his third son.

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