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House Mooton of Maidenpool is a vassal house that holds fealty to House Tully of Riverrun. They control Maidenpool, a port town near the border between the Riverlands and the Crownlands, on the Bay of Crabs. Their sigil is a red salmon.


Season 2

To protect her identity, Arya Stark claims to be from Maidenpool while serving Tywin Lannister as a cupbearer at Harrenhal. Tywin catches her out in her lie when she cannot identify the sigil of House Mooton. Arya then claims to be from Barrowton in the North instead, and accurately identifies its rulers, House Dustin, and their sigil. Tywin is convinced.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Mooton are the rulers of Maidenpool and their motto is "Wisdom and Strength." Their current lord is William Mooton.

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