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House Royce
House Royce
A shower of pebbles on an orange field surrounded by runes.
Lord of Runestone
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House Royce is a vassal house which holds fealty to House Arryn of the Vale. Their seat is Runestone, located east of the Eyrie, on the coast of the Narrow Sea.

House Royce's sigil is a shower of pebbles on an orange field surrounded by runes. Their motto is, "We Remember."


In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Royces are the most powerful family in the Vale after the Arryns. House Royce is descended from the First Men, which is a very rare exception in the Vale, as the First Men were almost completely driven from the Vale during the Andal Invasion six thousand years ago. This extends to the point that in modern times the nobility of the Vale are considered to represent the purest Andal bloodlines, exterminating the local First Men instead of intermingling with them. However, House Royce managed to survive, and is very proud of their descent from the First Men, to the point that they include runes of the Old Tongue of the First Men in their sigil.

House Royce is extremely loyal to the Arryns, and hold a blood-relationship to House Stark of the North. Despite this being a distant and old connection, the Royces hold the Starks as distant kin.

The closest kin of Robar and Waymar are:

  • Lord Yohn Royce, called Bronze Yohn, Lord of Runestone, the ruler of the main branch of the family.
    • Andar Royce, his eldest son and heir.

In the novels, House Royce has a cadet branch ruling from the Gates of the Moon. However, since the Gates of the Moon do not apparently exist in the TV series, it is unclear if this cadet branch has also been eliminated. This branch consists of:

  • Nestor Royce, a cousin of Yohn's, Keeper of the Gates of the Moon, High Steward of the Vale, ruler of the cadet branch of the family.
    • Albar Royce, Nestor's son and heir.
    • Myranda Royce, Nestor's daughter.

Lady Jeyne of House Royce was Lord Jon Arryn's first wife who died delivering a stillborn daughter.

Two other members are the deceased Lady Perra of House Royce, Lord Walder Frey's first wife and Ser Stevron Frey's mother, and Lady Ryella of House Royce who is married to Ser Arwood Frey, Lord Walder Frey's grandson.

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