House Ryswell of The Rills is a vassal house of the North, holding fealty to House Stark of Winterfell. They rule over the Rills, a region located west of the Barrowlands.


In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Ryswell is a proud and large house sworn to House Stark. They have close ties to House Bolton thanks to the marriage between Roose Bolton and the late Bethany Ryswell. The current head of the family is Lord Rodrik Ryswell, father of both Lady Barbrey and Lady Bethany.

Their sigil is a black horse's head, eyes and mane red, on bronze within a black engrailed border. However, several Ryswells hold their own sigils, altering the color of the horse's head.

The Ryswells, alongside the Dustins, are the first to declare for House Bolton when Lord Roose is named Warden of the North, due to the kinship between them. They are among the very few truly loyal vassals House Bolton has, while many of the other Northern houses deeply hate the Boltons and would gladly welcome a chance to destroy them (indeed some of them join Stannis for that reason). Even Ramsay knows to be careful around members of these two houses: with them he is always courteous and smiling; what he is behind closed doors, however, is something else.

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