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House Tully

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House Tully
House Tully
A silver trout naiant on a red and blue background.
"Family, Duty, Honor"
Lord Edmure Tully (hostage)
Ser Brynden Tully (de facto)
Bran Stark (official)
Sansa Stark (assumed due to the alleged deaths of Bran and Rickon Stark)
Military strength
Cadet branches
Date of founding
Ancestral weapon
House Tully banner
The banner of House Tully of Riverrun, the rulers of the Riverlands.
""Family, Duty, Honor." Every Tully child learns our words. But I was a woman before I understood them."
Catelyn Tully[src]

House Tully is one of the Great Houses of Westeros. Its most senior member carries the title of Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident. The current head is Lord Edmure Tully, son of the late Hoster Tully. The Tully sigil is a silver trout on a red and blue background. Their motto is "Family, Duty, Honor."

At the onset of the War of the Five Kings, House Tully came under attack by House Lannister and lent its support for House Stark when they came to their aid in the liberation of the Riverlands. House Tully has since been formally stripped of lands and titles for rebellion against the Iron Throne, with Lord Edmure a captive of House Frey following the Red Wedding



House Tully is one of the Great Houses of Westeros. Their lands are to the west of the continent. Their seat is Riverrun, a castle at the confluence of the Red Fork of the Trident with the Tumblestone. They rule over the Riverlands from the castle and the head of the house is the Lord of Riverrun.

House Tully rose to prominence during the Wars of Conquest. Lord Edmyn Tully rebelled against the King of the Isles and the Riverlands, Harren the Black, to support the invading House Targaryen. Edmyn's fellow Riverlords followed his lead. When Aegon Targaryen established his rule from the Iron Throne he rewarded Edmyn, elevating the Tullys to Lords Paramount of the Riverlands.[1]

Its current head is Lord Hoster Tully.[2] His daughters, Catelyn and Lysa, married Lords Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn during Robert's Rebellion, forming a powerful alliance of major houses.[3]



Sworn to House Tully

Vassals and allies

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Family tree

Hoster Tully
Minisa Tully
née Whent
Brynden Tully
Eddard Stark
Catelyn Tully
Jon Arryn
Lysa Tully
Edmure Tully
Roslin Tully
née Frey
Unnamed son
Robb Stark
Talisa Stark
née Maegyr
Tyrion Lannister
Sansa Stark
Arya Stark
Bran Stark
Rickon Stark
Robin Arryn

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, House Tully is an old house which has held the castle at Riverrun for some centuries, but did not rise to greatness until King Aegon I's invasion. Aegon drove the ironborn out of the Riverlands and appointed Lord Edmyn Tully as the overlord of the area in thanks for his support during the Conquest. The Tullys joined the Starks, Baratheons and Arryns in rising against the Mad King, providing numerous troops for Robert Baratheon's armies.

The Tully banner is different in the books than in the series. In the TV series, it is striped horizontally, with one large red section and one large blue section, separated by white stripes. In the novels it has five vertical stripes of equal width; two muddy-red stripes separate three blue stripes (and there are no white stripes).

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House Tully
Lord: Edmure Tully Heir: Sansa Stark
Seat: Riverrun Lands: The Riverlands
Title(s): Lord Paramount of the Riverlands · Lord of Riverrun
Ancestors:Edmyn Tully
Current members:Lysa Arryn · Brynden Tully · Roslin Tully
Deceased members:Catelyn Stark · Hoster Tully · Minisa Tully
Household:Brienne of Tarth