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"House Tully" is part of the Histories & Lore, a special feature in the Blu-ray of Season 3 of Game of Thrones. It is narrated by Clive Russell as Ser Brynden Tully.


Brynden "Blackfish" Tully recounts the history of House Tully and their alliances with all of the other great houses of Westeros.

Summary of House TullyEdit

Brynden opens that one by saying Other houses chose dragons for House Targaryen, krakens (which are like squids) for House Greyjoy and lions for House Lannister for their sigils. We Tullys took the trout, that most terrifying of fish especially when it leaps out of the water. You do not have many options when you live in The Riverlands. It could have been worse; the Tullys could have been minnows or wheat. After all, they make a lot of it. Though a land does not get as fertile as theirs just by water. The old 3 Kings spilled blood there for thousands of years, squabbling like children over a new toy.

Until the ironborn which are Scandinavian vikings came and spanked them with their axes. Under the king of extinct House Hoare King Harren the Black Hoare their kingdom stretched all the way to the Gods Eye, where they built the largest castle Westeros had ever seen known as the haunted palace Harrenhal. Maesters teach that Harren was a fool, but he had some sense; if you are going to enslave and torture entire people you had best have thick walls to hide behind. But the very day the last stone was laid in Harrenhal, Aegon I Conqueror Targaryen landed in Westeros. As soon as he saw Aegon's host on the horizon, The new lord Lord Edmyn Tully lead the mass desertion of Riverlords to Aegon's side against the last ironborn viking King Harren the Black Hoare. Once he roasted his castle and his residents Hoare was bye bye.

In return for Lord Edmyn Tully's service, House Tully was made Aegon's new Lord Paramount of the Trident and all of the other lords had to swear them fealty, but old habits die hard. The Riverlands are and always have been the middle child of Westeros, caught up in every fart from one lord at another. The Tullys new that in order for the family to survive, alliances had to be made. Their trout has swum up so many rivers over the centuries and leapt onto so many plates that it is a wonder half of the realm's sigils do not have fins by now. Thus every Tully child is taught: "Family, Duty, Honor", the Tully words and pains in the Tully arse.

He earned the nickname Blackfish after breaking up with brother now deceased Lord Hoster Tully

He was too stubborn at the time to realize that while other houses fight with swords, House Tully fights with marriages. The betrothal of his niece Catelyn Tully now Catelyn Stark to Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark drew them into the war against the Mad King, while the betrothal of his other niece Lysa Tully now Lysa Arryn to Lord Jonny Jon Arryn cemented the rebellion. So now Lord Edmure Tully continues ruling The Riverlands as long as he can until his bannermen House Frey led by Lord Walder Frey and his son the late Lord Walder Frey takes their place.


  • The preceding Season 2 Histories & Lore featurette about Harrenhal vaguely implied that the River lords revolted against the ironborn and sided with the Targaryens only after the fall of Harrenhal and death of Harren Hoare. In this video, Brynden makes it clear that in the TV continuity (just as in the books), the River lords revolted before the fall of Harrenhal, seeing Aegon Targaryen as a chance to overthrow the yoke of brutal ironborn oppression. The armies of the River lords swelled Aegon's ranks: he landed at the mouth of the Blackwater with an army of only 3,000 men, which then split to advance on two objectives: one group with Aegon went to Harrenhal and another led by Orys and Rhaenys advanced to Storm's End. They may have also picked up some levies from the defeated lords near the landing site (such as Rosby, Duskendale, etc.). Aegon's western host therefore numbered perhaps less than 2,000 when he began, but with the addition of the armies of the Tullys and other River lords his numbers swelled to 8,000 by the time he arrived at Harrenhal.



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