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Ironwood is a type of wood that is said to be as hard as iron and the largest Ironwood forest in Westeros is located on the edge of the Wolfswood, and is controlled by House Forrester, though they are careful to preserve Ironwood forests and trees, less they run out. Although ironwood is nearly impervious to flame, it's said to only burn for Forresters. When burned it emits a blue flame around it. Ironwood is used for a various things, including ships and shields. Maesters at the Citadel are known to study it.

House Whitehill once had ironwood, but lost them due to irresponsible harvesting. Their sigil represents the barren hill on which their seat is situated - stripped bare of ironwood trees centuries ago.

Known Ironwood Items


Ironwood's efficiency is tested by Ramsay Snow.

In the Books

Eddard executes a Night's Watch deserter named Gared (Will in the show) on an ironwood stump. Also, the door to the crypt under Winterfell is made out of ironwood.

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