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Maester's mini chain
Maester's mini chain
Season(s) 1
Mentioned in "The Lion and the Rose"
Titles Grand Maester
Status Deceased
Allegiance Order of Maesters

Kaeth is an unseen character mentioned in the episode "The Lion and the Rose". He is deceased when the events of the series begin and is not expected to appear in the series. He was a Grand Maester and the author of the book Lives of Four Kings.

In the booksEdit

It isn't clear when exactly Kaeth lived, though given that the last of the kings discussed in his book was Daeron II Targaryen, who died about ninety years before the War of the Five Kings, he probably lived some time after Daeron II died. Nevertheless, he still lived quite a long time ago. Kaeth's Lives of Four Kings is considered a literary classic, and his hand-drawn illuminations to be a masterpiece; only four original copies of his book survived, until Joffrey senselessly destroyed one at his wedding feast.

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