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| Title=[[File:Stark.JPG|30px|left]] Karlon Stark [[File:Sigil Karstark.jpg|30px|right]]
| Title=[[File:Stark.JPG|30px|left|link=House Stark]] Karlon Stark [[File:Sigil Karstark.jpg|30px|right|link=House Karstark]]
| Image=
| Image=
| Image size=
| Image size=
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| Titles=[[Lord of Karhold|Lord of Karl's Hold]]
| Titles=[[Lord of Karhold|Lord of Karl's Hold]]
| Death=
| Death=
| Place=Winterfell
| Place=[[Winterfell]]
| Allegiance=[[House Stark]]<br>[[House Karstark|House Stark of Karlon's Hold]]
| Allegiance=[[House Stark]]<br>[[House Karstark|House Stark of Karlon's Hold]]
| Family=
| Family=

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Karlon Stark
Titles Lord of Karl's Hold
Status Deceased
Origin Winterfell
Allegiance House Stark
House Stark of Karlon's Hold

Karlon Stark is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He is dead by the time in which the show takes place. He was a younger son of the King in the North who was awarded lands on the eastern region of the North after putting down a rebellion of House Bolton of the Dreadfort.

Over time, Karlon's seat, known as Karl's Hold, became known as Karhold. Karlon's descendants, the Karl's Hold Starks became known as Karstarks.[1][2]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Karlon Stark's story is the same, except that the books do not specify which vassal house the rebel lord belonged to.

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