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The founder of House Clegane was the kennelmaster at Casterly Rock.

"My grandfather kept the kennels for Lord Tytos Lannister of Casterly Rock."
Sandor Clegane[src]

Kennelmaster is a position in a noble household. It is the title of a servant tasked with training and keeping the well being of hunting dogs.

This position is filled by men of low birth.

Known kennelmasters

  • The {grandfather} of Gregor and Sandor was the kennelmaster of Lord {Tytos Lannister} at Casterly Rock. When a wild lioness attacked Lord Tytos while he was hunting, Clegane drove it off using his hunting dogs, though three died in the process. Tytos rewarded Clegane with lands and a knighthood, and in honor of his past as a kennelmaster, and specifically the three hounds who died, Clegane made three black dogs on a yellow field the heraldry of his new house.